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Acentric specialises in consumer research and offers online-panel surveys (ISO 26362:2009 certified panel) with advanced analysis and reporting.

Research offerings include: Packaging research, brand-equity research, new product development (NPD) research, price determination, customer satisfaction, employee-engagement research, and public opinion surveys. Acentric also offers ‘off-the-shelf’ market reports. 

Acentric offers better-value for money by exploiting new developments in technology and using innovative solutions to lower overheads. Acentric offers standard and custom research, all through one point of contact who manages and executes your entire project. This leads to a unique sense of continuity. 

Data-collection capacity 

Acentric specialises in online-panel surveys. As internet access has improved, online ‘panel’ surveys have become increasingly viable, offering superior quality and value when compared to traditional data collection modes. Survey’s can be conducted using Acentric’s own online panel or using lists. Acentric has access to over 50,000 SA consumers and, through alliance partners, 7 million globally. Acentric offers you the optimal data collection solution for a specific project – whether just single or mixed mode. Acentric uses industry leading solution The Survey System, running on its own VPS allowing for integration with online-survey panels. Please browse the links on the left for further information. 

New product research

Test product possibilities without the risk. New features, benefit claims, pricing and images can all make a difference to your sales, but at the same time introduce risk. Test your concepts virtually before risking real investments.

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Brand equity research

The Acentric Brand Model (ABM) is a proven methodology, which measures brand equity, brand positioning, brand equity drivers, uniqueness, substitutability and many other variables required to maximise brand value and market share.

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Design research

Package, product and label designs are more critical than ever as more products are launched without the large advertising budgets of the past. Today’s products must sell themselves. Acentric design research enables clients to select the designs that will maximise sales.

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Employee engagement surveys

Measure, track and identify employees issues. Independent and objective, enabling honest feedback to maximise your bottom line.

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